Sty in Eye 

Both, the upper and the lower eyelids have a numerous sebaceous glands that secrete oil. They help to keep the eye moist and also help in keeping the eyelashes healthy. These glands may get blocked or get infected due to some bacterial action and there arises a situation called as eye sty.

A sty in eye usually begins with a low painful spot just below or above the eye. The pain could be dull and you will feel it while you blink and more clearly when you touch that spot. Later on this could get more prominent and the pain will also increase with time. If left untreated this sty can give more pain and it appears as a yellow or white spot that is just about to get busted. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can avoid such a situation.

Treating an eye sty:

Soak a cotton wool ball in some hot water and wait for some time; while the ball is still warm place it on your eye. The warm water present in the ball pulls out impurities from sebaceous glands and can avoid the sty in eye from swelling further. The warmth may also further clear any blockage in these glands and thus reduce the swelling and pain.  Keep repeating this for 10-15 minutes with a gap of three or four hours in between. You can also try the same procedure by mixing a non-irritant soap or shampoo with warm water. Make sure that this mixture doesn't get into your eyeball.

Also keep the surrounding areas of an eye sty as fresh as possible. Avoid using makeup and contact lenses until such time you get cured of an eye sty. A home remedy or a small course of antibiotics recommended by your doctor can help cure this condition. Do not ever try to squeeze out the impurities from an eye sty. These procedures will have to be carried out by a doctor or an ophthalmologist. If this is done the wrong way, there is always a possibility of further complications.

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