Numbness in Face 

Bell's palsy is the common cause behind most cases of numbness in face. Loss of perception and tingling sensation in facial areas are the typical characteristic features of face numbness. Other symptoms such as swelling, losing control over facial muscles or burning sensation in face and lips are also experienced. Numbness in face can occur on a single side of your face or on both sides; this condition is a result of mild or total paralysis in the facial area. Face numbness can be either permanent or temporary.


  • When an injury occurs with facial muscles and nerves, you often lose your ability to generate a movement in your face and lose sensation due to loss of perception. Similarly, an injury to nerves in the head, neck or spinal cord region responsible for facial perception can cause facial numbness. An extreme cold weather can also cause tingling sensation and facial numbness.
  • Bell's palsy is one of the most common reasons behind temporary facial paralysis and numbness. The facial nerves when get inflamed due to infections such as herpes virus, meningitis etc., facial numbness is experienced.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia or neuropathic facial pain leads to facial numbness, tingling sensation and pain in face. The pain is often unbearable and can induce a patient to commit suicide!
  • Multiple sclerosis causes autoimmunity that destroys protective covering over the nerves and damages them severely. When facial nerves suffer from this condition, facial numbness is evident.
  • When trigeminal nerves suffer an injury due to herniated disc, a condition called pinched nerve occurs. This condition causes tingling sensation and facial numbness.
  • Disorders of the CNS such as a mild stroke can cause facial numbness. Miniature strokes such as transient ischemic spasms can also cause facial numbness.
  • Lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B12 and minerals such as potassium, sodium or calcium can cause facial numbness.
  • When rashes caused due to shingles rupture out in the facial region, facial numbness and tingling or burning sensation is the result.
  • A stroke can also lead to total facial numbness.
  • Some cancerous tumors can invade nerve sheath leading to facial numbness. Breast cancer can cause loss of perception in chin. 
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