Newborn Essentials: Things You Need to Buy Before Baby Arrives

Expecting your little one soon? We bet you’re excited to start gathering all the things needed for your baby. Here’s guide as to what you may need in the coming few months.

As you’re ready to take up this new responsibility and an enjoyable journey called parenthood, there are some important things to need to keep in mind from the time your baby arrives till she licks up her second birthday cake. We have put together a checklist to help you with this wonderful journey.

newborn essentials

Baby Cloths

  • Burp Clothes: As newborn babies spit up all the time, having a thick burp cloth which can absorb and hold it, is a good idea.
  • Knit Sweaters and Caps: If you live in a cold environment or have a winter baby, you’ll need knit sweater and caps to keep baby warm. If winters are very cold, but a snowsuit too.
  • Sleep suits: You can get sleep suits of full body suits which are easy to change and comfortable for baby to have a good sleep.
  • Socks: You should have 3-4 pairs of cotton socks to keep your baby’s feet warm all the time. They are required if you are going outside or temperature drops.
  • Swaddle cloth: Swaddle cloths or wrap around cotton blankets are essential for your newborn. It makes them feel warm and safe.

Feeding Equipment

newborn feeding

  • Breast Pumps: Sometimes you may need to give your nipples a break from nursing. Breast pumps can help give your baby breastmilk even when you’re unable to nurse.
  • Bibs: Bibs are essential as they keep spit-up and drool off the clothes.
  • Formula: In case you can’t or don’t plan to breastfeed your baby, there are many formula options available to choose from. Make sure to ask your healthcare provider about the same.
  • Feeding Bottles: For the first few months, baby would be sleeping and drinking machine. Fortunately, you don’t have many menu options. Make sure that the feeding bottles are BPA free and good quality material which can endure high temperatures.
  • Bottle cleaning brush: A brush is required to get rid of the leftovers after every feed. Sterilizer along with brush would help you maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Thermos: To store hot water, a flask is an ideal container. It can also be used to mix formula milk, in case you are not breastfeeding.
  • Steriliser: It’s important to keep all the feeding accessories clean as harmful bacteria love warm milky environment. So, it’s important to use steriliser.

For Diapering

  • Diapers: Whether you want to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers, you should always have enough for two days on hand. Look for coupons and sales and stock up whenever possible. Ensure that you are buying the right size in order to avoid the leakage.
  • Cotton nappies: Reusable cotton nappies are a safe option for sensitive skin of a baby. However, you’ll need lots of them as these have to be changed as soon as they are soiled. So, you need to stock them up so that you have enough before putting them in laundry.
  • Baby Wipes: Disposable wipes are handy to keep away from messes. You’ll need lots and lots of baby wipes. Select the one which is good for your baby’s skin.
  • Diaper Rash Cream: Diaper rashes are miserable, so you just can’t skip this one. Select the natural and eco-friendly rash cream, assuring your baby is always safe.
  • Changing mat: Use a changing mat when changing diapers of your baby to keep bed linen from getting soiled. They are essential and highly useful while travelling. Buy at least three changing mats, so that you always have one if others are soiled.

Sleeping Essentials

newborn sleeping essentials

  • Bassinet: Almost all new bassinets come comply with safety standards. However, if you’re considering buying a second-hand bassinet, make sure you check the standards before you buy.
  • Bassinet mattress: You will find many different types of bassinets online as well on physical stores. We would recommend you buy a new mattress for your newborn – you know it is clean and ready to use.
  • Crib Sheets: Buy fitted crib sheets and wash them frequently. You don’t need blankets in the crib.
  • Baby monitor: Baby sleeps a lot for first few months and its not possible for you to sit with her all this time. A baby monitor can help you monitor her while working. Always check the frequency and range before buying baby monitor.
  • Baby blankets: If your baby is not using the crib, buy two to three blankets to lay the baby wherever you put her down. Never use blankets in crib.
  • Mosquito net: When it comes to mosquitoes around your baby, you need to be extra careful. A mosquito net will protect your newborn from diseases and mosquito bites.

Baby Bathing

  • Shampoo: Adult shampoos should not be used for babies as they are too strong for them. Choose baby shampoo which is natural. Don’t use conditioner.
  • Soap: Soap for newborn isn’t essential but is nice to have. Make sure that you choose the one which is specially formulated for babies.
  • Bath tub: As your baby will be taking bath daily, buy a small plastic tub. This would be easier and fun for both you and the baby. Make sure that you hold the baby while in the tub.
  • Bath towel: Buy two towels, one for use and for washing.
  • Nail clippers/scissors: If you’re worried about cutting those little nails, buy nail clipper instead of scissors. Cut her nails right after bath when the nails are soft from hot water.
  • Massage and hair oil: Coconut oil is the best for newborn skin for massaging. If you want to buy bottled oils, choose organic ones and check your doctor for recommendations.
  • Cotton buds: Cotton buds are very handy while cleaning healing umbilical cord, eyes, nose and ears.
  • Baby cream: Buy a good baby cream to moisturise her skin after every bath. Apply is on a small portion before applying on complete body to check for allergies.


  • Pram, Pushchair and a buggy: Select the one which lies flat for babies and features rain cover and sunshade.
  • Baby sling: Sling is an excellent option for carrying your baby. This also gives you the freedom to do other things as well.

Playtime for a newborn

newborn playtime essentials

  • Play mat and gym: Check out for soft mats with toys dangling from overhead.
  • Baby swing or bouncer seat: A comfortable bouncer seat or swing can be handy and can give you a chance to complete your tasks or take rest.
  • Toys: While your newborn will not need a lot of toys, but it’s nice to have rattles and musical toys.

For Safety

  • Thermometers: For fast and accurate reading of your baby’s temperature, a thermometer is essential. Sometimes, low fever in newborn can be a sign of serious illness.
  • Infant car seat: If you don’t have an infant car seat, hospital may not allow you to take the baby home. So, make sure you buy it few weeks before the delivery and get familiar with it before baby arrives.
  • First-aid kit: Keep your fist-aid kid topped up at all times, as accidents can happen even to newborn babies.
  • Paracetamol drops: Buy paracetamol drops as you can easily administer your sick baby at home. However, always consult your doctor before giving drops to your baby.

For New Moms

  • Nursing bras: Nursing bras will be helpful for breastfeeding for new moms.
  • Nursing pads: You can get washable or disposable nursing pads, needs for leaks. For disposable pads, go for the one that has a sticky patch on the back. It helps to secure to the inside of your bra and restrict movement of the pad.
  • Nursing Pillow: The main function of nursing pillow is to bring your baby close to your breasts so gets a good latch and also keep mothers comfortable while breastfeeding.
  • Changing bag: To carry all the essentials you will need a changing bag. You can get bags with different features such as bottle holder or folding changing mat.