Pregnancy Week-by-Week Explained

Pregnancy is nothing less than an adventure! Your baby is growing day by day and you body is keeping pace. The duration of your pregnancy would be approximately 40 weeks. Here is a guide to your week by week pregnancy which will prepare you to deal with all the anxieties and symptoms. The first day of your last period is considered to be the first day of your pregnancy. So, let’s start from week 2.

Week 2Week 2 PregnancyThis is the time when ovulation will probably occur, and your egg will meet the sperm. You will feel no difference as the radical hormone changes will occur 3 to 5 days after this. The sex of your baby has already been decided. All important organs have started to form.

Week 33 weeks pregnantIn this week the changes are happening fast. Now you have a zygote in one of the fallopian tubes, and it already has a gender, eye and hair color and more than 200 different genetically determined characteristics that you and your partner have passed down.

Week 44 weeks pregnantThe zygote will travel to  uterus and implant itself to its wall. The placenta and the umbilical cord begin to form. You might shed a little at this stage. If you are malnutritioned, it is possible that this zygote would place itself somewhere else and lead to ectopic pregnancy.

Week 55 weeks pregnantSome organs like heart, brain, and the gastrointestinal tract begin to form during this week. Blood and blood vessels also start developing. The embryo should be one-sixth or one-eighth of an inch long, similar to size of a peppercorn. Your baby’s heart will actually start beating soon.

Week 66 weeks pregnantThe baby’s little heart will start pumping blood now. The neural tube that will later become the spine, closes now. Therefore, it is essential for mothers to consume folic acid through supplements as you may not get enough of it through food. Its arm and leg buds start to form.

Week 77 weeks pregnantIn this week, your baby will be one-third of an inch and its head will also be one-third the size of the entire body. The brain, hands and face of your baby are developing quickly. The mucus on cervix will thicken and form a plug which will keep your uterus sealed until the delivery of baby.

Week 88 weeks pregnantYour baby is now half inch long and weighs about .04 ounces. His body begins to develop and straighten, and some subtle small movements begin in during week 8 of pregnancy. Your baby’s eyes, ears, nose, upper lip and lungs begin to form properly. You might start experiencing morning sickness during this week of pregnancy.

Week 99 weeks pregnantThe embryo is about three-fourth inch and weighs about .07 ounces. Your baby can hiccup now and his growth is picking up. The heart is almost developed, and fingers and toes are no longer webbed. The arms start developing bones and starts to touch the face. Drink plenty of water this week because you  will be throwing up a lot. 

Week 1010 weeks pregnantThis little embryo has turned into fetus. Although the baby gets oxygen through umbilical cord, it will occasionally breathe now. The eyelids fuse together to protect the eyes. Skin becomes less translucent and genitals began to form. Your hormones must have stabilized and some of your pregnancy symptoms must have reduced.

Week 1111 weeks pregnantMost of the organs and body structure of baby is developed and starts to function. The fetus can now stretch, move its head and make some other movements. Genitals take either male or female form. The fetus is not about 2 inches in size. Keep yourself a lot hydrated than usual.

Week 1212 weeks pregnantThe length of baby is about 3 inches now. Arms, legs and fingers grow out more, and face develops more to look like that of a newborn. Baby will move around a lot, but you still would not be able to feel for a while as it has a lot of space to move around.

Week 1313 weeks pregnantYour baby now flexes its newly developed muscles & joints and also starts to produce & excrete urine. As your first trimester is finished, you may start noticing changes in your body such as stretch marks. During week 13, baby will begin to develop bones in its arms, legs and intestines.

Week 14Pregnancy week 14Your baby has now begun to secrete certain hormones and acids like insulin and bile. The morning sickness and other discomforts may subside, and you might feel a few fluttery kicks. Your baby is now standing up straight and neck is getting longer. During this week, baby could be growing some hair.

Week 1515 weeks pregnantYour baby is about 5 inches now and it has small fine hair on the scalp. The face of your baby is developed enough to grimace as well as make some mouth movements. Your bump will be noticeable now, if it wasn’t before and your milk glands in the breasts will begin their production. 

Week 1616 weeks pregnantThe fetal movement that you will feel now will be harder as the baby’s bones are growing stronger. Your baby might be playing with the umbilical cord or put her thumb in his mouth. If there are any genetic defects in baby, the doctor will be able to make that out now with an ultrasound.

Week 1717 weeks pregnantThe baby is 6 inches now and its skin is still thin. Brown fat is being deposited, which plays an important role in body heat generation. Your breasts will get tender and sensitive and you will get that pregnancy glow because of the excess blood flow to your skin.

Week 1818 weeks pregnantThe baby is about 8 inches now and it can hear some of the sounds like your heartbeat. The teeth have started to form in week of pregnancy. Since the baby has a lot of room in the uterus, it will keep making movements and even turn somersaults inside.

Week 1919 weeks pregnantYour baby is about 6 inches long during week 19 of pregnancy. Genitals will develop more during 19th week of pregnancy. If it’s a girl, then the eggs in the ovaries will start to form. You might experience back pain as your spine will have to work harder to keep you upright.

Week 2020 weeks pregnantLength of the baby is now 10 inches and the sweat glands have started to form. Now your immunities are transferred to your baby. Baby has started to swallow more, which is good for his digestive system. He’s producing meconium, a black and sticky by-product of digestion.

Week 2121 weeks pregnantNow the baby is 10 and a ½ inches and it will now start gaining weight. Taste buds are forming, and the baby regularly feeds on the amniotic fluid now. His initial fluttering movements have now turned into kicks and nudges. Once you know him better, you’ll notice the pattern.

Week 2222 weeks pregnantYour baby is now about 11 inches and nearly 1 pound. All the organs of the baby are becoming more functional and specialized. Baby has a distinct pair of lips and the fingernails are almost developed. While eyes have formed, irises (colored part of eye) still lack pigment.

Week 2323 weeks pregnantGenitals are more developed and the body proportions are quite similar to that of a newborn. You may see his squirm beneath your clothes. Baby is now familiar with loud noises like the dog barking. If you haven’t felt any fetal movement till now, then you should consult your doctor.

Week 2424 weeks pregnantThe length of baby is about 12 inches and it now has its own sleeping/waking patterns. The skin will slowly start becoming less translucent and it will start forming its unique foot and finger prints. The baby will respond to the touch and sounds outside of the womb.

Week 2525 weeks pregnantDuring this week of pregnancy, the baby is 13 inches long now and its nostrils have opened up. By pressing the ear to the womb, your partner will be able to hear the baby’s heartbeats. He’s growing more hair and his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out.

Week 2626 weeks pregnantLength of baby is now 14 inches and about 2 pounds. The eyes, although peeled shut, were active till now. Now they start to open. The baby’s hearing also improves a lot. Lungs have started to develop, allowing his to inflate. The baby will now sleep longer, probably when you do.

Week 2727 weeks pregnantYour baby is 14 to 15 inches long now. Your lower back and legs will ache a lot now due to the additional weight. You might notice a few stretch marks and your movements will be restricted now. For example, you may not be able to bend all the way as before.

Week 2828 weeks pregnantThe baby’s sucking and swallowing skills are improving. Now he has started gaining serious weight. The brain will develop more and more now. He can now smell; taste and eyes can produce tears. He is working on gaining layers of fat. His body fat is about 2-3%.

Week 2929 weeks pregnantBaby is quite healthy now, enough to survive if you gave birth now, but with medical help. The baby is now adding fat, growing eyelashes, and may even be able to dream. Baby’s brain can detect rhythmic breathing and control body temperature. He will need assistance in breathing if born early.

Week 3030 weeks pregnantYour baby is about 16 inches and the brain is developing rapidly. The baby might even be able to detect and track a light beam if you move the flashlight slowly across your belly in a dim lit room. You probably have started waddling by now as your belly has grown a lot during the past few weeks.

Week 3131 weeks pregnantDuring week 31 of pregnancy, your baby weighs about 2 and half pounds to 3 and half pounds. The baby has developed cute chubby cheeks and will kick you a lot. If you feel there’s decrease in the fetal activity then drink a glass of water, if there’s still no movement or activity, call your doctor.

Week 3229 weeks pregnantAll the five senses of your baby are developed by week 32 of pregnancy and he now has REM (rapid eye moment) sleep cycle. You would be gaining about a pound a week from now and about half of it goes to your baby.  Your baby should be about 27 inches long and weighs in about 3.8 pounds.

Week 3333 weeks pregnantYour baby has moved to the head-down position and is ready to come out into the world in the next few weeks. The baby is also receiving your antibodies to strengthen its immune system which is required once he is born. He is quickly losing the wrinkled look and skeleton is getting harder.

Week 3434 weeks pregnantYour baby will sleep frequently now as the brain is making lots of connections and also has started learning. Fat layers of baby would help him regulate the body temperature once he is born. You will be urinating frequently during this week and even leaking but still, keep drinking lots and lots of water.

Week 3535 weeks pregnantThe baby’s nervous system and immune system are still developing but he is more or less ready for birth now. Kidneys are fully developed by now. You are due in some time so make plans of your pets and children being taken care of when you go into labor.

Week 3636 weeks pregnantYour baby is still packing on the pounds and about 20 inches long, as big as a papaya. The movements will now slow down as the area is cramped. With just four weeks to go, all your pregnancy symptoms have to do with the fact that he is almost there.

Week 3737 weeks pregnantThe baby practices breathing on its own and it is into the delivery position. The intestines are building up products to shed which will be the baby’s first bowel movement that may happen after birth. You may experience Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Week 3838 weeks pregnantBaby is 21 and ½ inches now and fully developed. It is as big as a winter melon with an average weight of 6.8 pounds. He is fully developed now, though still making connections between neurons in brain. Avoid fatty or fibre rich foods and consume toast and light soups.

Week 39- You are almost there. Your baby should be anywhere from 17 to 23 inches long. Now you just have to wait till the baby decides it is ready to be born, which will send the chemical signal to the placenta and induce labor shortly.Your baby has reached full term, finally! He should be anywhere from 17 to 23 inches long and weighs about 7.3 pounds. Now you just have to wait till the baby decides he is ready to be born, which will send the chemical signal to the placenta and induce the labor shortly.

Week 4040 weeks pregnantYour baby is fully formed by week 40 of pregnancy. You should be going into labor pretty soon now. There is a chance that you may post-term, that is, be pregnant a few weeks after the due date. But be ready as your little ball of sunshine is going to enter your world pretty soon.